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Can we sort list of mapping and workflow by created date and time in folder?

Sort the lists

Sort the lists

Not directly, but you can export the list of mappings and workflows, using the below option.

Option 1:

  • Connect to the Repository manager and to the folder
  • Got to Tools in the menu and select Queries
  • Click New
  • Select the option you feel is appropriate
  • For the list of mappings and workflows, we should choose Folder AND Last Saved Time AND Object Type
  • A new windows with the results will pop up
  • Refine the query if required and get the result again
  • Select save on the pop up window and save the content in html format
  • The html can be opened in XLS and can be sorted and filtered.


Option 2 :

Repository Queries: This is by connecting to the Repository database and running queries on the views and tables where the mapping information is available.

There is no direct table/view to show the list which can be sorted using the queries. It can be achieved using the combinations of tables.