January 5, 2017
Data Cleansing

What is the actual difference between Data cleansing and Data scrubbing?

There can be many interpretations and often we get into a discussion/confusion that these are the same with different naming conventions. Here are the definitions which […]
December 24, 2016

Admin Console takes a lot of time while connecting from a VM image?

The usual case with the VM image is the slowness. As you are aware it depends on the allocated memory from the host to the VM. […]
December 24, 2016
Data Replication

We know that Data Warehouse is loaded from staging tables, then same data will be present at both the places for same time period, unnecessarily creating duplicate dataset. Can’t we have any other method to avoid this?

Its not always mandatory or true to have the same data in staging and in the Data Warehouse. You can perform additional aggregations or extrapolations of […]
December 24, 2016

Junk Dimension – How would you design your DW tables if you had the date of each event instead of flags (Y/N) ? Would you still keep this dates within a junk dimension?

Sure, why not. But, as a best practice, it will not be included with the main junk dimension table (lets call it as JunkD_1)¬†where we flag […]