A set of tasks related either by topic, dependencies, data, common skills, or deliverables.

Application Gap

The variance between some aspect of a business requirement and the capability or features of the application system that are necessary to satisfy the requirement. Usually, these are recorded for future references.

Application System

An automated collection of business functions, entities, modules, technology platforms, and documentation that performs a specified set of business functions.


A particular way of putting a method or task to use, including risk factors, tips from experience, recommendations, and additional advice.

Ad Hoc Query

A database search that is designed to extract specific information from a database.  It is ad hoc if it is designed at the point of execution as opposed to being a “canned” report.  Most ad hoc query software uses the structured query language (SQL).

Aggregation OR Aggregate

The process of summarizing or combining data. It can be used to speed up query performance. Facts are summed up for selected dimensions from the original fact table. The resulting aggregate table will have fewer rows, thus making queries that can use them run  faster.


Data Stored in a summarized form. Aggregates improve the performance of the BI tools and reduce the storage space requirements.


Attributes represent a single type of information in a dimension. For example, year is an attribute in the Time dimension.


Attribute is an individual data element that is represented and stored in a dimension. Each attribute contains data related to that particular dimension.


Application Program Interface. A functional interface, usually supplied by the operating system, that allows one application program to communicate with another program for receiving Services. APIs are generally implemented through function calls.


An automatic indication (audible/visible) action given by a computer to inform about a specific important event. Alerts are set to draw the attention of the user to the occurrence of the event.


American Standard Code for Information Interchange. A standard code, consisting of a set of 7 bit coded characters, used for information exchange between computer and communication systems.