Gantt Chart

A scheduling tool used to display the status of a project’s tasks. A Gantt chart shows each task’s duration as a horizontal line. The ends of the lines correspond to the task’s start and end dates.

Gap Analysis

1. The process of determining, documenting, and approving the variance between business requirements and system capabilities in terms of packaged application features and technical architecture.

2. The process of determining and evaluating the variance or distance between two items’ properties being compared.


A mechanism for transforming the specification of a module into executable program code, also known as a code generator.


A term used to describe how finally broken down a fact is in a table. For example, we might have wages individually recorded per employee in one table but we might have another table with wages aggregated by department.

Group Interview

Any session where users, stakeholders, or sponsors collectively discuss the requirements, priorities, design, or implementation of a business solution system.


Text that provides instructions and advice for performing a task and suggests possible approaches.

Grain OR Granularity

The level of detail showing how fact data is stored and available for analysis. Detailed data will always have low granularity.