Impact Analysis

The process of understanding the complete effect of a particular change.


The installation of an increment of the data warehouse solution that is complete, tested, operational, and ready. An implementation includes all necessary software, hardware, documentation, and all required data.

Implementation Questionnaire

A tool you use to collect business and system information during a business baseline interview. It consists of a pre-built set of questions organized by business function that are to be supplemented by the analyst with relevant company terms and other characteristics before use in driving the interview.


The defined scope of the portion of the data warehouse selected for implementation. Each increment satisfies elements of the total data warehouse solution.

Increment Integration

The process of reconciling the designs, modules, database objects, and data access components within a given increment. This effort is addressed during the data warehouse architecture process.

Incremental Development

A technique for producing all or part of a production system based on an outline definition. The technique involves iterations of a cycle of build, refine, and review so that the correct solution gradually emerges. This technique can be difficult to control, but nonetheless is very useful when properly used; also called quick build and interactive development.

Information Access Model

A model that depicts access to key process and organization information for reporting and/or security purposes. Information Flow Model A model that visually depicts information flows in the business between business functions, business organizations and applications.

Information Systems (IS)

A system for managing and processing information, usually computer-based. Also, a functional group within a business that manages the development and operations of the business’s information systems.

Information Systems Strategies (ISS)

A method that aligns information technology priorities with business strategies and defines the approach to take to achieve those goals.

Initial Deliverable

A deliverable is initial if it is intended to be updated later. An initial deliverable is usually preliminary and its content changeable by a later task when more information is known.

Initial Load

The first population of the production database installations using the data acquisition modules for extraction, transformation, and transportation.


The loading of an instance of an application system that is complete, tested, operational, and ready. An installation includes all necessary software, hardware (including terminals, networks, etc.) and documentation, and includes all required data.

Integration Test

A sequence of steps or set of procedures to verify the inter-operability of various system components.


A linkage between systems which can be either automated (via software programs) or procedural (manual).


A situation or concern which requires a resolution. Some issues, if not addressed, could adversely impact the success of a project.

Iterative Development

The application of a cyclic, evolutionary approach to the development of requirements definition, design, or construction using prototyping and iterative build techniques.


The method of speeding up database access by creating index files that point to data files.

Information Management

This is the work associated with collecting, maintaining, applying and leveraging data across an organization.