1. A particular technique or technology for delivering a function. Examples might be a telephone, a computer, or an electronic mail service.

2. Resources that enable or facilitate the step/sequence in a test scenario.


The process of compiling multiple data records, retaining the desired data, and removing unwanted data. This process may be invoked during the data acquisition process.


A quantifiable variable or value stored in a multi-dimensional OLAP cube. It is a value in the cell at the intersection of two or more dimensions.


One of the data points for a level of a dimension.

Meta data

Also known as data about data is the information about the contents and uses of the data warehouse. Meta data is created by several components of the data warehouse and provides a business and technical view of the data warehouse solution.


A measured value. For example, total sales is a metric.


A structured organization of tasks, estimates, and guidelines that provide a systematic approach or discipline.


Millions of Instructions Per Second – a measure of computer processing capacity.


A logical program unit. Examples include: forms, reports, user exits, C programs, PL/SQL procedures, and database triggers.

Multidimensional Database

A database management system in which data can be viewed and manipulated in multiple dimensions. Data is stored using multidimensional structures and is organized to support analytical operations such as drill-down, consolidation, slicing, and dicing.

Multi-Dimensional Online Processing (MOLAP):

An analytical processing technique in which multidimensional data cubes are created and stored in separate proprietary databases.

Mission Critical Systems

An application with in the organization that is absolutely essentials fir the continues operations of an organization.


A large computer system with extensive capabilities and resources, usually housed at large computer centers.


Multi-Dimensional Application Programmers Interface. The standard developed by OLAP council.