A grouping of activities that lead to a major project deliverable or milestone. Phase Completion The project management tasks which conclude and secure client signoff of a phase.

Physical Naming Standards

Standard portion of a name assinged to a type of field (ex. Amt, flag, derived, etc.) Also see logical naming standards.


An initial project which will serve as a model or template for future projects.


A scheme, method or design for the attainment of some objective or to achieve something.


Something needed by a task produced by a previous task or an external source.

Primary Index

An index used to improve performance on the combination of columns most frequently used to access rows in a table.

Primary Key

A set of one or more columns in a database table whose values, in combination, are required to be unique within the table.

Problem Report

The mechanism by which a problem is recorded, investigated, resolved and verified.


A written set of steps that specifies how to carry out a business function. If the business function is system-assisted, its corresponding procedure will indicate how the application system carries out that business function.


1. The sequential execution of functions triggered by one or more events.

2. A grouping of tasks within a method based on common functions or disciplines which lead to one or more key deliverables.

Process Flow

The passing of execution of a process from one process step to thenext. It may include the passing of information or materials from the first step to the second.

Process Flow Diagram

A diagram which shows the triggering event(s), sequential flow of process steps, decision points, and deliverable or outcome of a single process.

Production Environment

The database, equipment, documentation, and procedures used in support of live business operations.


1. A set of coded instructions that a computer executes or interprets to perform an automated task.

2. An interrelated group of projects that are either being run concurrently or sequentially and that share a system goal. Individual projects may have different goals, however the combined set of projects will have a program goal.

Project Library

1. A system for storing, organizing and controlling all documentation produced or used by the project.

2. The physical location of all deliverables for a single project, plus administrative and support materials. An administrative office that all members of a team should have access to.


Life-cycle The organization of a project according to its three major parts: planning, execution and completion.


An approach used for demonstrating immediate business benefit, proving feasibility and critical aspects of a solution, and to demonstrate value to the business. The proof-of-concept has a well-defined scope and set of objectives. The proof-of-concept may be the first incremental development effort for a data warehouse.


A facsimile of an end product used to demonstrate a concept rapidly, check feasibility, and/or gain acceptance.


The construction of a partial system to demonstrate some aspect or aspects of the intended system behavior in order to gain user acceptance or to establish technical feasibility.