The Repository Server maintains a pool of reusable database connections for serving client applications. The server generates a Repository Agent process for each database. The Repository Agent creates new database connections only if all the current connections are in use.

For example, if 20 different clients send requests to the Repository Agent one at a time, the agent requires only one connection. It reuses the same database connection for all the requests.

If the 10 clients send requests simultaneously, the Repository Agent opens 10 connections. You can set the maximum number of open connections using the DatabasePoolSize parameter in the repository configuration file.

For a session, a reader object holds the connection for as long as it needs to read the data from the source tables. A writer object holds a connection for as long as it needs to write data to the target tables.

The PowerCenter Server maintains a database connection pool for stored procedure or lookup databases in a workflow. You can optionally set the MaxLookupSPDBConnections parameter to limit connections when you configure the PowerCenter service. The PowerCenter Server allows an unlimited number of connections to lookup or stored procedure databases. If a database user does not have permission for the number of connections a session requires, the session fails.

For pre-session, post-session, and load stored procedures, consecutive stored procedures reuse a connection if they have identical connection attributes. Otherwise, the connection for one stored procedure closes and a new connection begins for the next stored procedure.