You create repository objects using the Repository Manager, Designer, and Workflow Manager client tools. You can view the following objects in the Navigator window of the Repository Manager:

  • Source definitions. Definitions of database objects (tables, views, synonyms) or files that provide source data.
  • Target definitions. Definitions of database objects or files that contain the target data.
  • Multi-dimensional metadata. Target definitions that are configured as cubes and dimensions.
  • Mappings. A set of source and target definitions along with transformations containing business logic that you build into the transformation. These are the instructions that the PowerCenter Server uses to transform and move data.
  • Reusable transformations. Transformations that you can use in multiple mappings.
  • Mapplets. A set of transformations that you can use in multiple mappings.
  • Sessions and workflows. Sessions and workflows store information about how and when the PowerCenter Server moves data. A workflow is a set of instructions that describes how and when to run tasks related to extracting, transforming, and loading data. A session is a type of task that you can put in a workflow. Each session corresponds to a single mapping.