Informatica DVO

What is the difference between Refresh Repository vs refreshing Individual folders?

Once we configure the Informatica Repository in DVO, we can refresh objects by refreshing the Repository or we can refresh by Individual folders.

Refresh Repository will take more time, as all the folders in the repository will download the source and target objects for all the folders in the repository.

Refreshing Individual folders when you know in which folder there are changes, or new objects imported in PowerCenter after the last DVO object refresh.

And if we need to refresh the connections, we can refresh them by selecting Informatica Repository (added in DVO) > Refresh Repository > Connections

Explain about DVO Architecture?

What is Primary Key File in DVO?

What is the difference between Import and Import Overwrite?

Import Metadata option will import the new DVO objects metadata, which are not there in the current DVO repository.

Import Metadata Overwrite option will import the DVO objects metadata which are already there in DVO repository.

If you have selected import and if the DVO repository contains the object with the same name and same type the Import fails

In DVO where can we filter the source records, and which layer filter will be effective in terms of Performance?

We can filter data in the below layers in DVO

  • Aggregate Views
  • SQL Views
  • Join Views
  • Single Table
  • Table Pairs
  • Individual Tests

Generally filtering the data in the Initial stage will improve the performance as DVO has to cache and process less data compared to the data without filter.

Let’s says if I have created two sql views and joined them in Join views, depending on the data required in the individual tests the performance will be better if the data is filtered in the SQL layer.

Can we create user defined functions (UDF) in DVO?

UDF’s cannot be directly created in DVO, UDF’s should be first defined in the PowerCenter Target DVO folder and then users can call the defined UDF’s in DVO.

What are the pmrep commands executed during DVO refresh repository operation?

The pmrep commands ‘listobjects’ and ‘objectexport’ are executed during the Data Validation Option (DVO) refresh repository operation.

How to avoid metadata duplication when we import metadata from multiple repositories in DVO?

How to check the associated Informatica workflow for the DVO table pair?

Is it possible to exclude selected connections while refreshing the connections in DVO?

Yes, it is possible. Create a text file ExcludeConns.txt and put all the connections, which are not required for validation process and place the file in %DVO_HOME% root directory.

Explain about Automatic Test Generation in DVO?

How can we set up DVO and PowerCenter configuration?