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July 24, 2017
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ETL Testing : Null Validations
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Forgot Administration Console Password

Administration Console

Administration Console

It is hard to get the Administration Console password rest done if it is forgotten. Especially, when you are on version 9 and above. For the prior versions, please refer to the Informatica Knowledge base and look for the options to reset the password.

It is a fairly straight forward process, if you know the password and want to reset it.

  • Login to the Administration Console
  • Click Manage on the top right corner of the Administration Console
  • Click Change password
  • Provide new password and confirm it.

The only way you will know what it is, is in the Repository tables and it would be encrypted. There are certain ways to resetting the password at the Repository database level but never tried it as it is manual and it would corrupt the database if there are any wrong updates.

There are no options/features provided by Informatica which allows users to change the Administrator password. Of course, for security reasons.

If this is a personal PC on which you are facing this issue, please start with the installation again and use the same Repository database details (including the name of the Repository, database credentials) to map what you have saved and worked on.

If this is for work, please raise an SR with the Informatica support to get their help on this further.

By chance, if you have any other user with the Administrator privileges, then you can login as a different user having a admin rights to reset the Administrator password.

In this case, where you are lucky to have another user with the Admin privileges, you can also use the infacmd command to reset the password.

./ ResetPassword

<-DomainName|-dn> domain_name

<-UserName|-un> user_name

<-Password|-pd> password

[<-SecurityDomain|-sdn> security_domain]

[<-Gateway|-hp> gateway_host1:port gateway_host2:port…]

[<-ResilienceTimeout|-re> timeout_period_in_seconds]

<-ResetUserName|-ru> reset_user_name

<-ResetUserPassword|-rp> reset_user_password