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August 23, 2017
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September 16, 2017
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Start up procedure for Informatica on LINUX/UNIX

Start Informatica Services

Start Informatica Services

1. Oracle Services

The Repository Database services should be up and running before we start any of the Informatica specific services or the server.
If you have the access you can connect to the server and start the oracle services manually or if there is a DBA,  raise a request with them to start the instance.
sqlplus / as sysdba
start up
lsnrctl start
Note: The username with which you connect and start the services should be the same as it is used for the Repository Metadata creation or the SYSDBA role.

2. Informatica Services

The script is used to startup and shutdown the Informatica services. The script is located in the tomcat/bin directory under the Informatica installation directory.

An example of the path would be like this : cd /informatica/version x/tomcat/bin/

In the path above /Informatica/version x/ is the Informatica installation directory.

The usage of command is shown below:

To Start: startup

To Stop:  shutdown

Once this is done, use the ps – ef and grep in combination to see if the Informatica Services have started or stopped based on your command


3. Administration Console

Open the Administration Console URL and connect to it to verify the start of the following services

  • Repository Service
  • Integration Service
  • Other configured and relates Services

If there are any services which did not run as part of the start up. you have to verify the logs for the reason of it and restart as required.

4. Verify Client Connectivity

Once the services are up and running, connect to any of the client tools with the Administrator user name. If possible, ask the development team to connect and run a test workflow to see if everything is being executed as expected.