Informatica Corporation provides leading data integration software and is the leader in this space for the last 12 years as per the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.
Informatica Power Center is one of multiple Data Management tools used to build a data integration layer for any application. Unlike the traditional Shell/Perl/PLSQL programming this tool provides the GUI method of integrating various sources and generating the format of data in different forms and formats.
The current working and supported versions from Informatica Corporation are 10.0 and 10.1 across Power Center, Data Quality , Master Data Management and other proprietary tools.
Here are some of the popular versions which are in the market.
Big Data Management Edition:
Informatica Big Data Management delivers high-throughput data ingestion and data integration processing so business analysts can get the data they need quickly. Hundreds of pre-built high performance connectors, data integration transformations, and parsers enable virtually any type of data to be quickly ingested and processed on big data platforms, such as Hadoop, NoSQL, and MPP appliances. Beyond pre-built components and automation, only Informatica provides dynamic mappings, dynamic schema support, and parameterization for programmatic and templatized automation of data integration processes.
MDM Big Data Relationship Management:
Use MDM Big Data Relationship Management to index and link data in a Hadoop environment. You can use a third-party tool to perform business analytics and reporting based on your requirement on the indexed and linked data. You can also use MDM Big Data Relationship Management to tokenize data so that you can perform search operations on the tokenized data.
MDM Big Data Relationship Management reads data from Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS). You can use Informatica Big Data Edition to read data from different sources and write the data to HDFS. MDM Big Data Relationship Management then indexes and links or tokenizes the data based on the indexing and matching rules. You can use simple or advanced matching based on which you want to link or tokenize the input records. You can persist the indexed and linked or tokenized data in HDFS or in a repository.

Informatica Enterprise (Intelligent) Data Lake:

Informatica Enterprise Data Lake enables raw big data to be systematically discovered so that business analysts are empowered to turn data sets into trusted information on a self service basis. Data scientists and business analysts can quickly find the data they’re looking for using semantic and faceted search, while automatically understanding data lineage and data relationships. Data analyst teams can also easily collaborate with one another and share results in project work spaces. As they add data sets to their project work spaces, machine-learning algorithms work in the background to recommend alternative data sets they might be interested in using.

Data sets within their project work space can at any time be opened in Enterprise Data Lake’s easy to-use Excel-like data preparation tool. The metadata-driven approach to data preparation is the intelligent way to ensure quickly and repeatably turn big data into trusted information assets that deliver sustainable business value.

 Cloud Integration:
The Informatica Cloud Integration Platform is the industry’s most complete cloud integration platform as a service (iPaaS). It cuts development costs and time by allowing you to embed market-leading enterprise data management technology into your own offerings:
• Applications
• Cloud/SaaS offerings
• Aggregated data products
• Specialized analytics
• Managed services
Built on Informatica Vibe™, the world’s only virtual data machine, Informatica Cloud Integration Platform includes out-of-the-box support for both cloud and on-premise data sources, including application connectivity, mappings, and templates.
Data Integration:
– Power Center
– Data Integration Hub
– Power Exchange (Connectors)
 The right approach to data integration enables you to manage your data as the valuable, strategic asset it is. Informatica’s modern solution for data integration, Data Integration Hub, enables you to unify, govern, and share your data.
Instead of creating hundreds of point-to-point data flows, organize data flows through a data hub optimized for efficiently integrating all of your data, wherever it is. Reduce complexity and streamline your data integration environment. Speed access to data through self-service wizards for analysts and distributed teams. Better understand and manage your environment through visibility and monitoring.
Data Quality:
– Informatica Data Quality
– Data As A Service
– Data Preparation (Rev)

Informatica Data Quality empowers your company to take a holistic approach to managing data quality across the enterprise. The software transforms your data quality processes to be a collaborative effort between business users and IT. This creates a true data-driven environment that supports better business decision making regardless of your data’s size, format, or platform. It delivers authoritative, trusted data to all stakeholders, projects, and business applications – on premise, in the cloud, or in Hadoop.

With Informatica Data Quality, your entire organization can:

• Proactively monitor and cleanse data across the enterprise

• Enable business and IT collaboration in the governance of data

• Achieve better business outcomes and maximize your return on data

Data Security:
– Data Masking
– Test Data Management (TDM)

Informatica’s data-centric security for big data includes the award-winning [email protected] Source and data masking solutions. Informatica [email protected] is a data security intelligence solution that automates the process of discovering, analyzing, and visualizing sensitive data so security and privacy teams can rapidly apply appropriate controls and policies to the data.

It replaces costly, time-consuming manual data audits with precise processes that define, discover, and analyze sensitive data for risk. Informatica’s data masking solutions let organizations de-identify and de-sensitize data for reporting, analytics, and mission-critical applications to counter privacy and regulatory concerns. Beyond encryption, data masking secures data in use by the organization for customer and operational applications.

– Vibe
– Business Process Management (BPM)
Integration Platform-as-a-Service:
– Informatica Cloud Mobility
Master Data Management:
– Mutidomain MDM
– Product 360
– Identity Resolution
 Informatica Master Data Management empowers companies to improve operations with business-user access to consolidated and reliable business-critical data, even when it’s scattered across the enterprise. The product delivers true multi domain master data management, empowering you with limitless opportunities to start with any type of business-critical data and add as many different domains as you like. Widely recognized for best of-breed performance, Informatica MDM provides comprehensive support for MDM requirements on a single platform, including data integration, profiling, and data quality.

With Informatica MDM, you can:

• Address your unique MDM business requirements, using the flexible business model–driven approach

• Empower customer-facing sales and marketing teams with better customer segmentation, targeting, and campaign ROI

• Improve critical decisions by executives with clean, consistent, and connected data about their customers

• Enhance business processes such as order to cash, procure to pay, and customer and supplier on boarding

• Drive sales and business growth through effective business and channel partner management

• Meet regulatory compliance and avoid penalties by filing reports in a timely manner with accurate data

There are more than 20 vendors companies operating in this competitive Data Integration ETL space like  Ab initio, IBM Datastage, Talend, Pentaho, Clover ETL ( open source ), Microsoft SSIS , ODI – Oracle Data Integrator. Out of these Informatica ETL tool is the market leader in Data Integration and data quality services. Informatica is successful ETL and EAI tool with significant industry coverage and larger success rate.
With the latest editions there is a lot of Integration with the Open Source tools of the Big Data Ecosystem giving an option to the existing customers and new customers the options to benefit from the Big Data and also leveraging the open source options.